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Keep the C++ API alive 
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: Robert Ibsen Voith4084 30 Jan 2008
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During Lotusphere 2008 I heard that IBM "discourages new users from using the C++ API" according to George L, probably meaning that the C++ API will die not so far from now. If you feel that the C++ API has been a valuable API alongside the C API, please promote!

1) David Dickey24 (30 Jan 2008)
I think it's valuable, but I don't think I'd encourage "new users" to use it either. ;-)
2) Ben Langhinrichs7009 (30 Jan 2008)
I think it is more trouble than it is worth. Also, IBM has been discouraging its use for about three years, so I think the process of letting it die is well underway.
3) Randy Davison60 (30 Jan 2008)
I've never used, or even needed to use the C++ API, but I can't imagine why it should be killed! In favor of Java classes? I guess if the Notes Client eventually evolves into a Java only code stream and the Domino server becomes Java only then would a C++ API even make sense? Ben, why let it die?
4) Ben Langhinrichs7009 (30 Jan 2008)
Randy - Because it is never kept up to date, it tends to have too many bugs, it is not supported on all platforms, it requires a separate installation to work, and there is a perfectly good C API which works on all platforms and does not have the same problems. Back when the LotusScript/Java APIs were way too limited to suffice, the C++ API (actually a successor to another higher level API) was added to bridge the gap between the complexity of the C API and the simplicity but lack of power of the LotusScript API. These days, the people who are likely to go down to the level of the C++ API are usually sophisticated enough to go down to the C API, which is where they should be, in my opinion. That doesn't mean you can't use it from C++, I do it all the time, it just means portability, stability and full support.
5) John Head1027 (30 Jan 2008)
There are so many other APIs that I want IBM to focus on (Calendar, Mail, Java UI, Symphony, etc) that the C++ api really can hit the back burner for me.
6) Robert Ibsen Voith4084 (30 Jan 2008)
Hmm, I've always thought that the C++ API is far easier to program than the C API. If IBM kills the C++ API, another dream might to have the C++ API as open source so WE can continue to keep it alive!
7) Axel Janssen5023 (31 Jan 2008)
I think open sourcing would be a good idea. I don't see this as a Java replacing C++ thing. Both serve very different purposes.
8) Rob Goudvis6585 (31 Jan 2008)
I have used both C++ API as well as the C API. My first impression was that the C API was more low level and not worth looking at. My recent experience is that I prefer the C API.

The disadvantage of the C++ API is that its functions cannot be called directly from Lotusscript. An advantage is that you can create stand alone programs that act upon existing Notes databases/applications.

You can put your C++ API functions into a DLL and call the DLL-functions from Lotusscript.

Recently I use C API functions directly from Lotusscript. Once you have sorted out how to call a function, which is basicly understand how to define the parameters in Lotusscript, you have a powerful engine at your hands.
9) Kendall Bullen65 (31 Jan 2008)
LS is slow and lacks a lot. C API is very tedious and low level. I love the C++ API.... ;-(
10) Robert Ibsen Voith4084 (01 Feb 2008)
I often use a mix of C and C++ API, and I very much think that the C++ API has it's place amongst the language adapters. Again, if not supported any more, make it open source!
11) Bastian Wieczorek8075 (08 Feb 2008)
We have many stuff here which use the C API... If it will die this would be a big problem for us.
12) Ben Langhinrichs7009 (08 Feb 2008)
Bastien - The C API won't go away. There is a separate C++ API, and it might go away. Which do you use?
13) Erik Brooks795 (09 Feb 2008)
We've been using the C++ API for 9 years, but only to manipulate View design elements. As the LS implementation of NotesView matures and DXL fidelity increases, I say let it die.

...Assuming they'll then redivert those resources to other Notes/Domino tasks. :-)
14) Grant Lindsay686 (15 Feb 2008)
The voting indicates that the field is split on this. I think that open sourcing the C++ API is a great compromise.
15) Mika Heinonen3556 (20 Feb 2008)
Notes C++ API is questionable, but the Notes C API is the most important interface to Domino databases. You can remove Java, LotusScript, Notes Client, Notes Designer, whatever, but never leave us the Notes C API, it's what ISVs use to build new technologies for Domino. Like the new OpenSource/Commercial Lotus Traveller project for Symbian Platforms, like for Nokia Communicator E90, the best (only?) phone for business needs on the planet.
16) Mika Heinonen3556 (20 Feb 2008)
Giev edit button... or remove "never" word from above post.
17) Ben Langhinrichs7009 (21 Feb 2008)
I'd say there is no chance whatsoever of the C API going away. The C++ API has just never been as well received, well maintained or well documented.
18) Robert Ibsen Voith4084 (25 Feb 2008)
Doesn't that depend on the eyes that see? *I* have definately received the C++ well, and just like you, I very often use a mix of C and C++ APIs.


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