Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name 
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: Mathieu Pape8090 05 Mar 2013
: / Email
When a user creates a folder containing (\) or (/) for example, he/she is not warned that this is not authorized, same if total folder length is too long, ... . The system allows it to be created and thus can generate a lot of issues. I have a user here with over a thousand (yes, I know...) folders, 400 of them contain a (/). This is now causing trouble on his Android device. Telling the user he should not used those chars, gives an answer like "well, Notes didn't warn/prevent me not to ...". Renaming them is impossible if you don't have an in-house dev.
IBM references on the limitations :
The name is case-sensitive and can be any combination of characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation.
The maximum number of characters a view or folder can have is 64.
The total number of characters from a parent view or folder to its farthest descendent child cannot be greater than 130 characters.
The use of a slash (/) or a backslash (\) in a folder name can cause unpredictable results within a database. For example, the use of these two characters is known to cause view problems as well as problems with the unread marks count for folders.


1) Mathieu Pape8090 (17 Apr 2013)
If you like/need this one, open a PMR and refer to SPR AGUD8USQ68 to give it weight !
2) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
Well, inserting a "\" character indicates a folder level and thus, Notes creates the hierarchy for you in your mail file. It's a nice tip to save time. I use it also when design applications to make a folder hierarchy, so I question the cited technote. That character is fine to me. Others, should produce a warning.

Also, your issue is not that a "/" is unauthorized, as it works just fine in Notes. The true issue appears to me that the character is not universally accepted and thus, could cause problems on other platforms/client access mediums.

With all due respect Mathieu, you may wish to be careful in how you present behavior-based feedback to end-users and where to place blame. Else they can end-up disliking a solution for the wrong reasons.

I would offer them a simple tip sheet stating, "If you are on Notes, these are fine, but outside of Notes, other platforms are less open and more restrictive. yadda, yadda. I contacted IBM to make it clearer for you when leaving Notes." I'm not sure Notes should have to code for the inadequacies for other products (Yes, I know it has it's own and I did read your included tech notes.)

However, when inserting a character into a file name that in-turn creates a scenario where the user is unable to access the folder in Notes or iNotes, that absolutely needs to be flagged.
3) Mathieu Pape8090 (15 Oct 2013)
Bill, it causes issues on other platforms (in casu Android) but through the use of ... IBM Traveler. So I'm afraid (IMHO) it is something that should be solved as it raises issues in the "Lotus" (oops, I just wrote it...) family.
4) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
So, are you saying that Android has issues with folders containing a "\"? I use that character all the time to create a hierarchy and I can move messages into the Android folders sans issue.

I am certain that other symbols might cause issues, but outside of a decimal point or underscore, I do not use symbols in my names.

There might be something else occurring, but admit that we both have very little information from each other's perspective.
5) Mathieu Pape8090 (15 Oct 2013)
Yes, indeed Bill. Some more background info :

Well, we've had several issues (and PMR's opened on this) because the folder structure appears completely messed up when using Traveler on Android. Like subfolders suddenly appear as top folders, or folders appear while not subscribed to. When correcting the folder names to the authorized way, the issue just goes away. IBM support replies that this is "normal" as you should stick to the supported way of naming. I agree with this but then you have to make sure that people cannot use the not-supported way. There is no popup or something else prventing users from doing wrong.

Could maybe happen on other platforms but no other cases described on our infrastructure.
6) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
Okay, this is another matter entirely. If that is your experience, then IBM should have a catch-all in Notes for label entry/naming. What version of Traveler are you using? I after my IBM conference next week, I would like to run some tests.
7) Mathieu Pape8090 (15 Oct 2013)
The last case I can recall was in 8.5.3 UP1. We are currently running the latest 9 and up till now we had no new case. On the other hand, this is not something we get daily so we might run into the issue on a longer run.
8) Bill Malchisky12192 (15 Oct 2013)
Glad things are better with ND9. Let me know if you see any recurrences over the next two weeks and we can revisit EOM. I'm curious, is all.
9) Mathieu Pape8090 (15 Oct 2013)
Deal ! I'll keep you posted.
10) Andrew Magerman54 (19 Nov 2013)

I've also had problems on notes clients with the forwards and backwards slashes. When renaming the folders, sometimes the documents contained in the folders would 'disappear'. Was a huge hassle trying to reconstruct those broken folders with the help of a restore database.

The poor lady who raised the issue was spending one to two hours per week repairing manually the folders that were going broken, and we couldn't reproduce the problem immediately, so this would be a really low hanging fruit.

11) Bill Malchisky12192 (19 Nov 2013)
@Andrew, thank you for chiming-in. Curious what version of Traveler she was using during the time things broke, or is this just in Notes? Happy to help escalate the matter a bit to see if we can get it resolved. I would need more information, if you can provide it discretely.


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