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When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download 
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: Notes Client / Mail
: save, attachment, download
: Mathieu Pape7680 01 Dec 2009
: / Email
Quite simple : when you save an attachment to, let's say, your desktop you need to go the your desktop to open it. No way of save and open the attachment. Not very handy, is it?

1) Bruce Lill6687 (01 Dec 2009)
I usually don't open the attachments, just save them. If I need to open them then I just do it in the client.

Also with the sidebar plugins for file browsing and mail attachment control, you can handle it all there.
2) Dirk Stelloh2259 (02 Dec 2009)
Is there any other app out there giving you such a feature? As it comes to me, I would say this is a somewhat unexpected behaviour.
3) Mathieu Pape7680 (02 Dec 2009)

Yes, any web browser where you download a file ;-)

Maybe my title is too ambiguous, I don't mean open the attachment automatically but have a button to do so if wanted. Like you have in a browser.
4) Mathieu Pape7680 (02 Dec 2009)
Title updated
5) Bill Malchisky9254 (31 Dec 2009)
@4 Unless I am missing something in your note, the Notes client does this already...you click on the attachment in your document and depress Save. When finished the attachment is given focus; depressing the spacebar quickly provides the open attachment dialog box and you can click Open/Edit/View, depending upon your needs. Does this meet your requirement as a work-around?
6) Mathieu Pape7680 (04 Jan 2010)

as a workaround maybe ... but you have to know about this. It is not intuitive for the end users. That's what it is all about ;-)
7) Bill Malchisky9254 (04 Jan 2010)
@6 So, then this becomes a training issue. :) But, I understand your wanting to simplify the process therein. Appreciate posting the idea and for your feedback.
8) Michael Ruhnau11 (14 Sep 2010)
I think this idea would improve the productivity of the notes client. When a user receives an attachment via Sametime you can instantly open the attachment using a button. I would like to see a similar functionality in the Notes client, too. After saving an attachment to the disk, a small button or link to open the detached file would enable a user to open the file smoothly. Today, a user has to
1) save the file and 2) then open the explorer and open the file OR
1) open the file and use 2) File - Save as ...
It's not a tremendous disadvantage and there are "workarounds" available, but I am still thinking that this feature is worth considering for a future release...
9) Sam Sawatzky223 (26 Sep 2011)
This is a big problem for our helpdesk - especially after summer as people are coming back from their holidays. People open a document, spend several hours editing it, and then save it, and then close it.

The helpdesk then has to search through the temp folder for the document that they saved.

I propose a "Save & Open" button to rectify this.


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