Replication - Deafult Replication Server Issue 
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: Replication Tab, domino server, lotus notes
: David Vasta2524 22 Dec 2008
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Lotus Notes has a replication tab. In that tab each replication entry has a "prefered" server, and while this is good and is usslaly managed by the Lotus Notes user in a large enviroemnt it can casue trouble. Here is the rub, while 9 times out of 10 it works fine but in our enviroement with over 300 server, if the server the replication can't find the server the server it last replicated with the task starts alpabeticly with the first server, and works down. In this case some of the servers that start with A or B are many WANs away. It will end up crashing networks and causing Notes to crash.
As a solution instead of it just being one server, we could select servers and not select others. Also somehow this should be controled via a policy.

1) David Vasta2524 (22 Dec 2008)
@Larry - Curious? Why would you demote this. I am interested in what you have in place that would negate this problem?
2) Chris Whisonant2475 (28 Dec 2008)
Agreed - IBM should let us modify these settings more easily and let us use policies.
3) Guilherme Cantisano88 (30 Dec 2008)
I want to know, how to force to use a server... never works.
4) David Killingsworth4000 (31 Dec 2008)
This is a good topic for improvement.

We have alot of users that have local replicas of their mail files and replicate with their home servers or hubs.

This issue causes us alot of grief with local IT support staff in remote regions not fully understanding this and mis-configuring.

This also causes us issues when our users travel to other locations.
5) Tripp Black871 (05 Jan 2009)
I have only seen the "force" server not work a couple times. It seems to work for us quite well. What I see more often is where users fail to second replica (cluster) but once that icon is on top in the workspace, it doesn't always go back next replication.

I like the policy concept, I just don't see a really good "open" way of doing it that would not tick half of us off, on how it got implemented. For mail, you can use the "administrative server" field in the ACL. For distributed applications, that's no good. You really want to spread out the users for a mixture of load and server proximity to the user. It's almost never a consistent thing.
6) Bill Malchisky12192 (13 Jan 2009)
There are a lot of problems with an alphabetical list traverse algorithm. Should be logical, perhaps the same NNN as one's mail server, or app server to start, then perhaps prompt the user if they want to pursue an exhaustive search to locate another replica.
7) Nathan Chandler1754 (10 Feb 2009)
Some suggestions.. Some perhaps could be used in the algorithm.
Any available, try Cluster members first.
Any available, try servers in my previous replication history first.
Any available, try servers on my local subnet first.
Any available, try fastest responding server first. (ping)
Prompt me to choose if my preferred server is unavailable.


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